we are experiencing techincal difficulties…please stand by

February 4, 2010

so my apologies to you subscribers…I am still getting the hang of this great new medium and you might find yourself receiving my posts a tad raw or  unseasoned .  Imagine putting out a dish and realizing 2 seconds later it needed a dash of salt or maybe  that garnish should be tweaked. That is what happens with this blog (especially before coffee!) sometimes.

In this crazy space-aged world i can write this up and send this out on my phone, but i cannot plug in the hyper-links or juggle the images just the way i want them- yet (can we get on that WordPress, hmm?). So if you DO have a subscription please check back periodically and you might find this similar but different, and very much worth you while!

Thanks for your patience and your support.


…ok where is my coffee?!


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