time waits for no man!

February 27, 2010

So in a flurry of activity after succuming to some very ardent requests I made my way into New York to prepare for tomorrow’s Walking Food Tour (aka Grub Crawl)!
But first, nourishment.
I stopped off at Sripraphai, according to some “the” Thai restaurant in the City (located in Queens).
With the (not too) icy roads no longer a concern, the well maintained highway shone in the moonlight, I grabbed a cold Chang beer and tucked into eSam
sausage. Like the pork jerky, this native sausage is fried and dripping with sweetness, though the iron taste of the offal balances nicely. Served with a few springs of cilantro, roasted peanuts and small slices of fresh ginger it is wrapped up with the leaves of romaine and a squeeze of the lime ajacent to it on the plate. Think lettuce wrap, self serve.
Trying to keep under budget I chose a selection from the “over rice”section of the menu; crispy pork (belly) sautéed with chiles, garlic, bell peppers and Thai basil. The fluffy coconut rice and the crunch of skin were divine!
All total it came to -just- over $20 including tip (which is well beyond the SNAP* budget, I know) and I left with a smile on my belly!

*Check back soon for the SNAP Red Beans and Rice recipe I had originally planned on for dinner!


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