“a Sandwich isn’t a Sandwich without the taste of…

June 1, 2010

(almost anything other than) Miracle-Whip” as the slogan ran; the parentheses are mine since personally I can not abide by the stuff.

That said this week’s entries are all about that taste sensation,  the Sandwich. New York magazine is running it’s 101 Best Sandwiches issue this week. Upon first glance there are a handful that are already in my repertoire and 1 or 2 others I’ve been eager to try but for one reason or another they slip my mind until I find myself staring at them. (This also happened last week as I was wandering Midtown late one night and stumbled into Ma Peche).  The East Village & Lower East Side GRUBCRAWL,(coming up again JUNE 17th- make your reservation now as space is limited, features a couple of the top voted selections.  It got me thinking about some of my all time favorite sandwiches.

I decided to start the day in a very French manner with a take on jambon et fromage filtered through the lens of Astoria.  I’d a bit of baguette left over from Balthazar and with a schmear of lovely Danish butter, a bit Catalan Pyrenees  Brebis cheese and a fistful of Hungarian smoked pork butt (suvi vrat) from Euro Market. The butter and bread crunchy and supple brought me back to the first time I woke in Limoges on an exchange program and my host mother had put a big bowl of cafe au lait before me with bread from the boulagerie. The creamy sheep’s cheese and the robust smokiness of the ham smushed and swirled in my mouth coating in a richness that cried out for a frosty mug of  crisp lager, however as this was breakfast and I was “on the clock” it had to happen only in my mind. Not a bad start to the day I must say!


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