Following up on last week’s ‘Crawl

July 30, 2010

Even the sweltering heat of summer couldn’t stop me from getting my hands on some of the City’s tastiest treats.  The always fabulous Hester Street Fair welcomed our hungry bellies with open arms… Melt, La Newyorkina, and the Japanese red bean bean “fish cakes” were a smash! After some time in the hydration station and a view of the equally mouth-watering  volleyball players we toddled on towards shrimp-pork jerky and lamb burgers, salted lavender caramels and an array of artisanal cheeses from NY state and around the globe. After tossing back a habenero-infused tamarind margarita, a spy egg cream and a shot of lovingly intense espresso we wrapped up with and avocado parfait and the feeling that perhaps it was time to beat the heat in the recesses of a movie theater!  Thanks to all who attended and stay tuned for some exquisite photographs by Mr Ian Duncan Ball in the next few days!


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