Do you ever have those moments when you put down your glasses or your wallet, perhaps that grocery list you were working on and suddenly you cannot for the life of you recall what happened to it?  The next thing you know three years have passed and you trip over it making the bed or sorting through bills? Alright  wallet, cellphone, glasses, all of those are a little too immediate, too necessary to lose for such a long stretch of time but there was a time when this blog was as important to me as the coffee I knock back first thing in the morning.

Well, here I am once more.  Speaking of that morning cuppa joe , check out my pal Takashi over on his Instagram account Cawfibiblica for a unique view of the elixir.

IMG_5681  cup courtesy of ACE                                                                               image filter via DREAMSCOPE

Opening the fridge I found the simple syrup  made earlier in the week  (mint fresh from the Union Square farmer’s market  and some cardamom sugar I had in the cupboard) and a jug of leftover coffee. In some circles, old coffee is blasphemy however as part of the #jbfnofoodwaste  initiative I’ve been saving what’s left from my French Press Pot.  The autopilot-survival-mode-morning-me grinds the beans and heats the water for a full press because there is too much measuring to be done at that point in my day. My brews are always a blend of different purveyors beans (McNulty’s and Brooklyn being two of my faves) and when I’m vibrating at the right frequency I save the leftovers and pop them in the refrigerator . Often I’ll drink it in a quart container on the train (with cubes made from frozen coffee naturally!) but I woke this morning and wanted something special to start the day.  I grabbed the cold coffee, the syrup and tossed them into a cocktail shaker with orange bitters and voila- deliciousness was born.

Try it yourself with a jigger of aged rhum or craft whiskey  and let’s toast to the return of The Hungry Tiger!



1c iced coffee or cold brew

1T mint & cardamom simple syrup

3 dashes orange bitters

combine above in cocktail shaker with frozen coffee cubes, shaking vigorously

pour into rocks glass with dirty ice, garnish with orange twist and mint spring