Food is not just my profession; food is my passion. If I am not managing my floor staff or cooking for my private clients or catering an event or conducting my food tours or reading cookbooks or tweeting cocktails or referring friends that call me up and say, “We have 2 people and a baby and are in the West Village and want somewhere to bring the dog and eat Italian comfort food- where do we go?” to head to Barbuto, then I’m likely trying to figure out a way to get on TV and share this passion of mind and desire to teach people not to be afraid of food. Food isn’t porn- you can eat it and touch and and get your fingers dirty creating it- go out there and read about wine or taste a fresh pear or cook a chicken with you kids and eat the gizzard together but embrace it as the sustenance that it is and not as some liposuctioned, photo-shopped, hairless, glossy ideal but something incredible that no mater how amazing or horrible it is, we are still going to shit it out the next day and get on with the important things in our lives.


Ah that early morning lift-off for Mexico was marvelous as were the days and dishes that followed (perhaps through a distortion of the time-space continuum I’ll decant and recant those day as promised) and well, I find myself sitting here nearly 8 months later eager to paint a picture of the most recent events.

Let me say that the holiday season was a gas! Such merriment both personally and professionally and a good time was had by all (I do so love sneaking a peek from high above Rockefeller Center to see the skaters pirouetting and zipping before the imperial tree brazenly flashing it’s new baubles to the rest of the out-of-towners like some gaudy necklace waiting to be snatched away on a darkened subway platform, all the while the denizens of the City clink glasses and chase canapé oblivious to the beauty outside those historic windows).  Spring has been a treat this year. Firstly, there has actually been “Spring” in New York City and not the usually 3 days of temperate weather before being slammed headfirst into Summer’s withering glory.  Please take note Mother Nature that I prefer precipitation at it’s proper pace;  I welcome the rain but the Wonderland was lost without the dazzle of snowflakes.

Currently I’m up to my elbows in projects. I’ve a few parties of my own this summer and a few more for my clients; champagne toasts for Summer sunsets post-marriage vows and rooftop clambakes overlooking Central Park take lots of planning. Perhaps you’ve seen posters plastered about the subway system lurking like some second rate coquette looking to hitch a ride? Dear Reader let me assure  you those are not The Original Hungry Tiger GRUB CRAWL and as soon as I catch my breath I’ll be announcing my latest tour shortly.

Finally I know my twitter account is linked below this post somewhere but for those of you interested in 1 stop shopping a few snapshots of some of my most memorable meals and moments of late.Tucking into opening Night at Mission Chinese NYC


All’s Well…

March 29, 2011

I have been quite remiss in keeping up with my blog but I have been wrapped up in so much excitement and a whole new experience in life that i cannot possible share it all at once. Suffice it to say the more things change the more they stay the same. So, on to the big news…

I am no longer cooking.

Not professionally anyhow.  I have stepped away from my apron and my whites sometime after the holidays last year to begin my new position as…a server. Actually my “Front Of the House” journey began years ago with my first summer job- a campground with rental units and a big family-style breakfast and dinner menu located at the main house.  As one of many young kids taking on responsibilities of a big time 3 month commitment we were trained not in the French internship style of dishwasher/slave working you way up the ladder but in a cross-pollination method that has served me well all these years later; one day scrubbing pots and pans, the next afternoon cleaning cabins, the next prepping food for the Wednesday excursion to one of the nearby islands for the weekly  New England Lobster Bake, followed by cooking breakfast and in turn waiting tables before returning once more to the kitchen. For me to walk away from the plancha and onto the floor is a natural transition.  Now then, where have I landed you might ask?

Last summer I had the good fortune to stumble upon a crazy little diner in Queens. I can rembemer exactly what  my friends and i ordered, to start, chicken-friend chicken skins with a lemony mayo accompanied by a teensy pickled carrot that i later learned came from the rooftop far a few blocks away. She had a crabmeat and creamed corn hash with a poached egg and hollandaise suace while i enjoyed a monster of a breakfast sandwaich; two ends of a homemade english muffin craddled and in-house sausage patty, sliced tomato from the aforementioned garden, scrambeled eggs, smoked cheddar, slathered with mayo and cut with fresh pickled jalepenos. As we sat at the communal table i took three bites into the meal i asked the waitress if they were hiring

“What are you looking to do?”, she asked smiling as if she already knew i’d found my way home

“Anything!” I replied.

I came back 2 days later with another friend (this time we shared a Shepard’s pie-like dish of braised pork tongue and creamed corn gratineed that we nearly lost our minds over) holed-up in one of the original booth’s with a laptop tweaking my resume and emailing to the proprietors.  Skipping ahead a few days (& past the killer coconut cream pie) i returned to be interviewed.

The rest as they say is history and I have been so proud to be associated with such a unique and vibrant restaurant. I haven’t felt appreciated at a job in all my life and I would like to take this moment to personally thank Sarah Obraitis and Hugue DuFour for creating such a earnest and rewarding workplace.  These two care so deeply about the food and the customers and the staff and it shows in every plate and every staff meal and each and every rave from the tables about what they have created.  They have also pushed me to become a better server and  learning about wines and I’m taking on more responsibilty with each passing day, all the while asking me “When is you text tour?”.

So here I am, waiting at M Wells Diner in LIC, Queens and hosting the next Hungry Tiger Grub Crawl on April 17th 2011.

Food for the Soul

January 21, 2010

Welcome to my site!  I am very excited to share with you my passion for cooking. Today I am driving into New York City to see a friend about some Mexican peppers that she found in Queens.  Keep checking back here for my latest food find, adventures and secret tips to spice up your kitchen life that only the insiders know!